Please help cant get started

Trying to get up and running to no avail…only input device i see available is asioforall v2 for midi interface output all i see is “none”

you dont need midi interface output: just a working audio interface.
If you have asioforall running, you need to open it (top most button in our interface section) and check that ASIO uses the right channels from the right audio interface.

Thx. My interface seems to be working (I hear my guitar through it) but tried all the possible combinations of channel ins and outs and still no sound.

hearing your guitar through the interface can also be just the direct monitoring of your interface.
-Have you opened the ASIO preferences with the top most button in the interface section?
-if the output is correct, you can play on the onscreen piano, and will be hearing it.
-if the input it correct, you’ll see the input vu meter in the interface section move when you play

Ya it just sounds like direct monitoring…The preferences tab? That just gives me options for
“style” and “font size”…I’m assuming i should see some input gain as well in that “Audio Interface” block but I don’t

ASIO preferences are opened with the top most button in the interface section: it wil open the asio4all settings app

this is what i see when i click on audio interface preferences

unless you mean the “Interface” button on the left…this is where Ive changed the channel ins and outs

I mean the “driver” knob… that is the one that opens the ASIO config

That opens this window…not sure what to do…have tried all 3 WDM devices, still nothing

you have to open the wdm devices with the + signs, adn select the channels you want to use there.

then i get this…no idea which to choose…ive tried it a few diff ways still nothing


ok, most likely your soundinterface us “usb audio codec”, that is a generic name used by interfaces to be autmotically recognised by Windows.
so enable the 3 powerbuttons of “usb audio codec”

wow that did it…i hear piano…but its just chopping the notes off and making them repeat like i was running thru a delay pedal…thx for all this btw

actually got it going pretty good now thx again…what i really need to with this software is send midi info to Guitar Pro…any idea how I can get that going??

Allthough it is technically possible to have Guitarpro listen to the midi of MG, we do not recommend it.

  • you will not have tabs: the notes will enter Guitarpro as played from a keyboard, without any info about which string is played.
  • timing with realtime recording in scoring apps is cumbersome: the result is mostly not clean and cleaning up in a scoring app is no fun.

We recommend using a DAW to record midi, and clean up the score, then export themidi to a scoring app. The issue with no string info and no tabls is not solved by this: it just is way easier to clean up and quantise midi in a daw.

For better and easier transcription we allready have been working on a transcriber: this is however still in its first experimental stage.

I am having a similar problem except for me, my audio interface won’t even show up when I click on the “Device” button. The driver button that I am seeing in your screenshots doesn’t even appear. Any ideas why MG won’t recognize it? My DAW sees that it is there. It’s an M-Audio fast track, if that helps any.