Plugins do not show up

I have scanned my plugins and they show up in the Mange Plugin window. I select for example, Jup-8 V3 or Kontakt. The button turns blue. But when I close the window, the choices I make do not show up in the instrument option (below tool), only the defaults.

The plugin choice buttons do note have any functionality currently, whether you check them or not, the plugin should show itself in your instrument slot selector.

That would be great but it does not. Is there a preference I need to check?

ok, let’s try to get to the default working situation:

  1. start the standalone
  2. open the plugins screen
  3. choose scan (safe) – wait a few minutes if needed to get all scanned
  4. close the plugin screen with the right top X

I’ve redid the scan. Now I see the plugins but there is no way to organize them and scrolling through them is very slow. When I do choose a plugin it plays but… there are not presets to choose from. Just the defaults which take me back to the starting point.

within most synth plugins, their presets can be chosen from within the plugin interface.
So its differnet per plugin where they are. MG 2.2.1 doesn’t have the synt presets in the main interface, you have to look inside the plugin window to get to the presets.