Plugins Not Being Detected

Hello, I have just downloaded the demo. I un-ticked 32 bit when installing as my system is 64bit. When i opened Studio One it is there in effects so i just drag it onto a track, it automatically makes it stereo so i made it mono and i can use the plugins it finds ok. When i scan (safe) it says to locate midi guitar 2.2.1 standalone 64 bit…what does that mean? When i scan (Unsafe) for plugins it only finds a couple of them. I have tried adding folders for it to look in that should have the vst’s in but it still only finds the same ones. For instance i have Native Instruments vst’s , I made sure the path is correct to the vst folder and added that as a folder to search in within midi guitar 2, but it doesn’t find them

Can anyone help?

Thank you

  1. you should not scan inside the MG plugin, but during standalone operation
  2. you should load synths on another instrument track in Studio One, not inside our plugin.
    See quickstart on

Ok thanks, yes scanning in the standalone app works. Thanks

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