salve e’ possibile caricare i plugs che mi interessano o devo caricare sempre tutta la cartella ( circa 500)
imac 27- i7

You only need to scan your plugins once, and you can add a single plugin aftterwards.
Please note: you can find any plugin in our plugin selector fast by starting typing the name.

If you want to remove plugins from the selector list inside MG, you can do the following:

  1. Open the data folder in Explorer (windows) / Finder(mac) by clicking the button inside MG’s Preferences.
  2. Close MG
  3. In the data folder called Plugins64 (or Plugins32 for 32 bit) you can delete any file corresponding to the plugins found by the plugin scanner.
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Please, of what use are the “show” round label buttons in the plugins manage window?
Nothing change when checking or unchecking, whether in this window or in the select instrument/synth window, even after restarting MG.

the “show” buttons have currently no function

You reassure me, thank you!
But it would be useful for hiding unwanted plugins in MG but used in other applications.
Besides that, I use this function in Gig Performer to hide unwanted plugins… that I use in MG :smiley:

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