Preset management/Midi output channel recall

Hi, I’m starting to integrate MG2&B into my live set-up which is based on hardware synths. I think I’ve figured out a global set of parameters that suits my playing and instrument. I think that for the time being, I’ll keep this set-up for all presets. But because I don’t use any vst’s or software based synths, basically my presets are: changing midi output channels to command differents synths: the presets of those synths are handled by my cuelist manager. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to work: the channel assignment is not exposed as a VST parameter and though saved with the MG preset, that preset isn’t exposed to VST either so there’s no way to recall one other than manually. Is there something I missed? Thanks!

If you want to adress different midichannels in differnert MG patches, use the “channel select” midi machine. This midi machines setting will be stored per patch.

Hi, that doesn’t work, as I reported, MG patches don’t seem to be recalled with VST presets, nor are any midi machine settings. Only the global parameters are. There’s no midi binding to MG patches either which would have been a workaround.

I can not exactly tell you what to do, because I have basically no idea how your setup works. Therefore I’ll just tell about different setups:

MG standalone
MG can load its own patches based on incoming Program Change commands: that is the midi binding.
Every one of these patches can have a midi channel assigned via formentioned channel select midi machine.

Via a livehost
If you use a livehost like Gigperformer or Mainstage, MG is loaded within each patch: the livehost then switches on midi Program Change. The same channel select midi machine then can be used within MG to adress your hardware.

Thanks Paul. I use LiveProfessor ( as a live host. You take a snapshot of a plugin’s state and bind a midi command to it, (or add it to a cue list). This can be either a pure plugin preset, or a global snapshot. Neither of those recall the MG midi machines settings, nor do they recall the patch that was active in MG when the snapshot was taken. MG always reverts to the default patch.

I am not familiar with Live professor, but I guess you can recall patches as well in it.
Furthermore you need to check whether Live professor advances the Program Changes to the plugins: you might have a conflicting command setup: MG reacts to Program Changes.

I’m afraid we don’t understand each other well so I must have been unclear. LiveProfessor’s main purpose is to recall patches and route audio and midi like any other live host and of course LP forwards any midi command to the plugins, including PC’s. I do use the channel select midi machine in MG to change channels so I can play my differents synths which are, as one might expect, on different channels.

I haven’t found any way inside MG to bind a PC to a MG patch (which would have been a workaround) but that doesn’t work in a total recall system. All my other plugins dump their VST parameters when requested, so they can be stored and recalled. MG does send SOME parameters, but NONE of the midi machine settings…

EDIT: Yes, I found out that MG changes patches with PC’s but only if the plugin window is open. I don’t know if that’s a bug in LP or MG, I’ll check it out in Reaper (the only other VST host I have)

But that doesn’t solve the problem really. I use cues on stage, so that 1 midi command from my floorpedal performs a batch of actions, that are contained in cuelists. The way parameter recall is implemented in MG, I would need to design some midi loop to have a cue with a PC looping back into a MG instance. I will consider that, but if the plugin window needs to be open for that to work, it’s a no-go. BTW, if you could number the patches, that would be off great help.!

Anyway, these are pratical issues, but let me add that I’m delighted with both the bass and guitar plugins. They work fantastically well!