Problem getting software to work on IPad Air


I have bought the MIDI Guitar 2 software and installed it onto my PC, but problem is I need to use it on gigs, so bought a windows tablet & installed the software. Problem is the processor cannot handle it & the power consumption of the processor, not the capacity just overloads & distorts. My latest solution is to load the software onto my wife’s IPad.

I have loaded the software but can get nothing from it. When I tap the IOS button in the program, the only input available is the IPad microphone which is enabled. No clue as to where to go from here. The interface is plugged into the Lightning Connector. If I load the keyboard I can see it working but I want the input to be via the Lightning Connector not the microphone. Nothing comes out anyway. Should the sound be coming out of the Lightning Connector too or via the headphone socket?

Help please,


first: in the interface chooser, click on the displayed input channel (microphone ). It should then offer the other connected interface as input choice.
MG for iOS needs an interface to be recognised by your ipad: so if the interface is not chooseable within our app, it is because your ipad hasnt recognised your interface yet.

noticed sometimes you have to go in and click on the interface again, even if it shows it.