Problem loading instruments & interference as too much load on cpu

I have my Midi Guitar on a windows tablet and am very new it. I have 3 problems

1 - I am getting interference with an orange light coming on the CPU usage even though nothing else is running.
2 - No matter what VST files I copy into the Steinberg VST files folder, I scan for plugins including searching this folder but cannot find any more instruments.
3 - How can I tell a 32bit VST from a 64 bit?

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1- your CPU might not be the strongest: dont set the buffersize of the interface lower than 256. Lower values will increase CPU load.
The default plugin folder for 32bit: c:/program files (x86)/Steinberg/VstPlugins/
The default plugin folder for 64bit hosts : is c:/program files/Steinberg/VstPlugins/
3- honestly, I dont know: on windows the installers moslty correctly install the DLL in the formentioned folders.

Our windows standalone has 2 versions: 32 and 64 bit, each only seeing plugins of the same bitdepth.

Probably your tablet use an older intel Atom processor which is just too slow for any serious audio processing.

Hi JamO, thank you for your reply. You are correct, it is an Intel Atom x 5-Z8350 running at 1.44Ghz with 4GB Ram.

Am I in trouble?


This cpu is in the lower side in the range of current cpus, not sure if it can run MG2 flawesly never tried.

Atom Z8350 cpu comparison
About synths to play with MG2 you will need to use some very light cpu synthesizer, but I think you can find some capable of producing interesting sounds.