Problem Using MG2 VST In Sonar 8 DAW Environment

I use a 64 bit installation of Sonar 8 as my DAW.

I put a copy of the (64 bit) MG2 VST .dll file in the folder the DAW uses for VST plug-ins.

I made a recording of clean, simple, solo guitar playing in an Audio track. And I instantiated MG2 in the FX Bin of the Track.

If I Bypass the FX Bin I hear the recording on the track play back. But if I do not Bypass the Bin I do not hear any audio from the track.

I would appreciate any suggestions as to how I can make the MG2 VST work as required.

Wow. A blast from the past. I used Sonar Platinum (SPlat) before it went splat, but v8 came before v8.5, X1, X2, X3 and then SPlat. I’m surprised Cakewalk even offered a 64-bit version back then. So, I’m going to have to do a guesstimate.

First, do you have an output instrument defined in MG2 (see the red arrow)?

If not, select one from the dropdown. If so, then “head scratcher”. In either case, you won’t hear the guitar, just the selected instrument. If you also want to hear the guitar, you’ll need to create a second, instrument track and use the guitar audio track as its source. Another possibility might be to use a Send to MG2 instead of an inline FX. Either way, you’ll need a second track.

Please note that I have no way of testing your specific setup. I’m just trying to give you a couple of ideas.

Thank you TheMaartian for the reply.

I began with “TOOL” set to “KEYBOARD” and “INSTRUMENT” set to “MDA E-PIANO”. And I turned the corresponding “GAIN” control fully clockwise. And I tried turning the “Mix” control fully anticlockwise and fully clockwise, after originally having it set to the centre. But in all permutations I could not obtain any sound from the MG2.

I suspect that there is a compatibility problem between Sonar and the MG2 VST dll file.

I purchased MG2 in 2020. As a potential alternative to using my Roland GR-20 or GP-10. But I have struggled to employ it usefully. What I would like to do is to translate an audio recording of a guitar playing to corresponding MIDI data. So that I can drive a synth module with the result. Albeit maybe after some editing of the data.