"Purchase this app" appears -BUT... I already purchased it!

I purchased MIDI Guitar 2 a while back, but…
I keep getting “Purchase this app /continue” when I am playing it.
Even when I click Purchase, the screen shows that everything has been purchased
(MIDI Gt rig, MIDI Output, AU Hosting = “purchased”).

Any advice?

that is strange ofcourse…
maybe you never closed the app after the purchases: if this is the case, : click home button, swipe from bottom of screen upwards, all apps show up, swipe MG upward out of screen.
restart MG now…

The only recent purchase was AU-Hosting. However will try the restart.

Unrelated -there use to be an OCTAVE SHIFT control; any chance that will return?? Definitely missed!

that is in midi fx now: you can load “transpose” in a free midi fx slot

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Ah, thanks -my bad for not reviewing the manual after updates.

The odd purchase message issue seems to have resolved itself.

Just spent about 4 hours with MG2 -definitely in the desert island app /to die for category!

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