Raw midi output destinations / Bitwig


I’ve been trialing MG2 with my cello (demo standalone version) and so far so good. However in my use I wouldn’t want to send it straight to a midi controller, but take the midi notes out raw and then do whatever I need with them. Does the hosted VST version allow you to output midi notes on the channel its inserted on (treating it as a normal midi input device) rather than sending to a particular instrument?

Also, does anyone else have any experience using with Bitwig? It’s not on the DAW list, but guessing it would work fine from the others listed.



Bitwig works with out VST, however it is a bit tacky to get it to actually record the midi on a midi track, playing the onbard synths is no problem. You have to use an extra track to make the midi recordable.
I have mailed them about the awkward setup with midi recording, but they just didn’t answer sofar, that is the reason there is no demo from Bitwig on our page.

Hi Paul, thanks for the quick reply!

Ah, yes I can see why that would be the case in Bitwig - but it would be very straightforward to use as route the midi to multiple other devices.