Recoding Guitar audio on Separate track in Logic?

I am trying to figure out a way to record the guitar audio on to a separate track at the same time as the Synth track. I have tried a couple of bus options but can’t seem to get it working correctly. I may be able to use the audio plugins (like Guitar Rig) within MG2 but my upstanding is that this will cause additional latency. Any ideas?

arm the track for recording, make sure the R is full red. any track that is armed is recorded.
BTW: if you arm the track where MG is loaded, it will record the audio there too!

Thanks Paul. I think my issue is that I cannot record 2 tracks with the same input at the same time in Logic. (I am sure there is a way!:^) This is is why I tried bussing/Aux but it is still wonky.
So, to be clear, I would like to be the MG2 audio, the MIDI and an additional audio track at the same time.
Thanks for your help-

ofocurse you can record multiple tracks at once using the same audio input in Logic. perhaps read the logic manual, I can not be more precise than what I said before.

I think I got it figured out and making a duplicate track of the MG2 audio track may have been the issue as opposed to creating a new track from scratch, which seem to be working.

Yes, I am still learning Logic after years of Digital Performer. Logic sometimes is not very logical!
Thanks Paul for all of your help.

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