Record MG audio on Cubasis2

I reviewed the post on recording MG audio on GarageBand, but that didn’t help me on Cubasis2 (v2.7). I’m a new MG user (full suited purchased) using an iPad Air2 and Apogee Duet audio interface. The good, I can connect and play MG directly, and it sounds great, wish I could record what I hear. Also, I have successfully recorded midi generated by MG. However, within my DAW, MG will not appear as an available Inter-App Audio input option. It does show as an effect, but when selected as an effect the audio doesn’t change. That is, i hear only raw guitar, not the MG effected sound. Oddly, sometimes if I switch over to MG I will hear the MG effected audio/guitar blend, but it stops as soon as I return to Cubasis. I have tried routing through AUM and Audiobus without success. Frustrating because the MG app teases me with possibities! I really would like to capture what i’m hearing as I play (ie audio vs midi). Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Update to close out my question … i’m figuring it out. Only shortcoming i’m hitting is that it’ll drop out on me sometimes and I cant run multiple instances of MG in my DAW. Still looking forward to jamming with it though, lots of fun.

We’re aware that Cubasis’s handling of IAA is somewhat cumbersome. Garageband’s handling of IAA feels totally different and mostly better imho, so there is room for improvement there on Steinberg’s side.

Ok, thanks. I just needed some objective input. I used to use GB but tired of it, switched to another called MultiTrak DAW and then eventually on to Cubasis2 … Seems like none of them have everything I want, tho till now i’d been pretty happy with Cubasis.

Ps. I’m digging the app, and also really like the guitar side of the tool, nice tone!

Thanks again

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I’m also trying to record the audio of MG on Cubasis and I can’t do it.
How do you do it? How do you fix it?

Hello, welcome here!
Did you read this ? Maybe it could help you even if it is for cubase, not cubasis, the same principle is applicable.
Getting started with MIDI Guitar in your DAW