Recording: Midi Versus Live

Hi all, I was wondering what are your preferences using MG2 via Midi or recording it live, via an amp and mic?
For me, everytime I record via Midi it is not a great experience. I have to do a lot of clean up and corrections after recording it.
But if I use MG2 live, it just sounds better and easier for me to clean up the sound.
Are there any tips or tricks for recording via Midi?
Please, any info is greatly appreciated!

You don’t say which platform you are using (desktop or iOS) but I use the same approach on both which is to always record the raw guitar track before it gets processed by MG2. You need to use MG2 as a plug-in rather than standalone in order to do this simply. I use Logic Pro on my Mac or AUM on iPad but you could use any DAW/app that can host the plugin and record the input signal. The main reason for this approach is that I can recreate the entire performance just but replaying the recorded guitar through MG2 with the ability to adjust settings, even completely change the sound by using different synth plugins with the MIDI output. You may find that adjusting the input level, noise gate and tonal response in MG2 can eliminate false notes. You can also edit the guitar audio before reprocessing via MG2 to more radically alter the end result.

If you want to record MIDI as well I would recommend using the MIDI Tape Recorder plugin by U-Win as this records at much greater resolution than a DAW and can capture more of the nuances of your playing.

You can take this approach to extremes by feeding any recorded audio track into MG2, not just guitar, and remixing with MIDI instruments. Great fun!


Oh wow, thank you! And sorry I forgot to mention what I was using. I am using a Macbook Pro and at the moment I been using Garageband until I get used it (since I’m no pro) and then I’ll upgrade to Logic Pro. I appreciate the feedback. Thank you again! :metal: :metal: :metal: