Registering software is joking with me

Haha, so when the beta demo suddenly stops and a window pops up I try to register via the sent email-code, but when getting back to MG3 to fill it in, the popup is gone. This is funny, a bit like Monthy Python :slight_smile: I tried it 3 times today with 3 new codes, same thing every time. Anyone?

This is something new, but at least im glad to hear its happening to a Monthy Python fan :blush:

I will try to check if I can spot something, but obviously the dialog should not close itself unless you press enter or something. Maybe it’s still there, but underneath another window? If you are activating it from a DAW I could imagine this could be an issue. Then, please try with the standalone.

You can’t leave the popup open, and use another device for the license code? And as remember it there was some issue with trying to copy and paste the code. So input manually, to be sure.

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Thanks Leif, copy/paste works if you right click or ctrl+click to paste. CMD+C / CMD+V does not work. I will try to solve this somehow, the thing is when I leave the popup window to go and check the just downloaded PDF, when I come back to MG3 the option to fill it in is gone (popup window has left the bulding) and there is the comedy :slight_smile:

Yes I only tried from the DAW, will try in the stanadalone mode!

At least, right click mouse (two-finger click) and paste works.

It works well if registering in standalone mode, not as plugin in the DAW.

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