reinstall issue

What can I do if I change PCs or accounts?

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There is no problem changing PCs, or even using the software on multiple PCs or Macs, as long as they are your own. You just use the license file you get when purchasing the software to authorize your next or other computer as well. So it is a good idea to store that in a place that iOS easy to remember. :grinning:

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How do I fine license file my PC?
I have already installed one PC .For some reason I had to use a different account on the same PC.


If you still have your license somewhere on your computer, it looks like this “FirstName LastName.license” if you need to search for it. And that would be YOUR first and last name, as used when purchasing the software. If you can’t find it anywhere you can apply for a new license file using the “Lost File” form here:

Keep in mind though that this is a manual process and that lost licenses issues usually are attended to once a week, so you won’t perhaps get an answer right away. :+1:

Finaly I find my license.
Thank you

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