Repeating notes [SOLVED]

Hi all, I’m using a Behringer U-Phoria UMC22 interface with ASIO4ALL driver on my Windows 10 Pro (1809) PC.

Recording with Sonar and Presonus DAWS works fine but using Midi Guitar, I get a repeating note every half second using the keyboard on MDA piano.

Any suggestions?

you mean you play on the builtin keyboard in MG?
and does this allso happen when you play guitar into MG?

Thanks for your response

That’s correct the delay is present whether using MDA Piano or guitar input.

I get a red ! on the ASIO4ALL tray icon when the repeating note issue is occurring.

if ASIO is complaining, you might have set the buffersize to low. 256 is normal.

Thanks for this

The buffer size is set to 256.