Resizing of some plugins causes the MG2 to crash

Hi all!
I have recently upgraded “everything” from 32 bit to 64 bit. It’s a MacBook Pro, with Catalina OS X 10.15. My hardware can’t take anything “higher” in OS versions, alas.

Now, with newly installed - Say - Korg Collection 3 synth plugins some of them are crashing the MG2 whenever try to resizing the GUI. I e the plugins GUI not the MG2 GUI. As well as the reverb plugin PSP 2445 from PSP Audio. This particular PSP plugin worked great before inside MG2 (El Capitan OS) when resizing, as well as Korgs plugins too.

Yes, tried to reinstalll MG2.

No other host crashes when trying to resize plugin gui of PSP and any KORG plugin fromtheir latest collection. Anyone elses had these problems?

Oh, thanks for reporting. We will make sure this works in MG v3.