Saved presets while loaded in Garage Band and missing plugins

My midi guitar 2 has some presets saved with my plugins. I use specific synthesizers that I purchased. They are easy to locate and use with midi guitar 2 when in stand alone mode but when I load mg2 into gb my pre saved setting are not there, only the stock setting show up. When press the plug-in button, nothing new shows up… only the stock plugins.
What is the solution?

Update: Running on iPad.

Standalones and AUv3 plugins can not share the same presets on iOS, unless some rather elaborate group permission is installed for an app. So far MG for ios, by my knowledge, has not got this groups system installed, so the standalone can not have the same presets as the plugin.

Ok, that is too bad about presets. But why can’t I load the plugins through mg and use the same synths that I am able to on the standalone? If I can’t then mg is useless to me.

Update: meaning… I want to use the same synths through mg in gb as I do with the mg standalone.

the general idea of using MG in a host is to record the midi output on another DAW track or channel, and not use the internal MG sounds there.
The MG auv3 outputs midi, you can record/use this midi on other tracks.
So far as I can tell, MG’s auv3 does not load external AUv3s. This kind of “deep loading”, is also not recommended for the desktop version, in the iOS version it isn’t even possible.

Thankfully, Paul, your information is wrong.
I was later able to use an record the sounds of others synths played through midi guitar 2 in Garage Band. I had mg2 loaded first and then ran it in gb and it worked.

I think what we need here is a level of support where we know that the answers that are given are factual. It is fine to give opinion but we need to have someone from support level also that we can verify the correct answers through.

This high quality product deserves high quality support. We do not have that yet, and that is a shame.

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we’re both right actually;

  1. you can record MG with loaded plugins, but not via the MG auv3… You can indeed use IAA to record the standalone MG sound into the host.
    I do not work here, I was only trying to help.
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