Setting up Midi Guitar 2, TEControl BBC 2, and Respiro

yup, that did it. I had to Google a bit because the Scarlett 18i8 manual didn’t have the info I needed in an obvious place… but I eventually figured out how to turn off direct monitoring.

I did try MG3 Beta as well with Respiro but there some UI widget resizing/rendering issues and I couldn’t figure out where the settings for pitch bend output were.

In MG3 you will find the pitch bend settings right in the instrument slot:

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It would seem as if the setting up in MG2 case is covered here, so I’ll just add some pointers for setting up in MG3.

For setting up Respiro in MG3 (with or without any additional controllers) you need to first decide:

  1. What kind of pressure input you would like to use? (Choosing BC will of course require clicking one of the four assignable boxes and choosing CC2, but for all other options in Respiro (VC, AT, AT2, or CE,) you already have everything you need.
    VC will use incoming STRIKE
    AT will use incoming PRESSURE
    AT2 will use a combination of STRIKE and Pressure
    CE will also use PRESSURE (but will also automatically change the PITCH BEND in Respiro to 24 (up/down)
    All other Pressure Input control Modes (presets) in Respiro are set to use a PB range 2.

  2. Set PB range in accordance with the chosen Pressure Input control Mode.

It really does not make any sense to talk about MPE here since it is a monophonic instrument, but Respiro can however be used with an MPE controller like MIDI Guitar 3. If you use it in the pressure CE mode you need to match the pitch bend ranges, either by changing the Respirio up/down to 48 or by changing the bend range on the Respiro module in MG3 to 24.

  1. Then you may want to take a look at how you want your controller (TEC BBC2 or other) to control pressure. You can connect directly to the PRESSURE input on the Respiro module, or go via the MODULATORS for some variation on that control.
    For just a slight variation you can use the PRESS envelope and connect to the MIN handle, or for a more distinct sculpting option use the ADSR (and connect to the S handle for instance)

This choice is relevant for whatever “Pressure input control mode” you choose. You can of course use a MG3 MODULATORS envelope to add some extra spice to the pressure curve you are feeding the BC CC2 alternative as well.

This should cover the basics I hope.

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