Should I use my piezo pickup on my Godin guitars

the Godin’s have multiple jacks and one of them is for the piezo hex per string based pickup, is this preferable to use with Midi Guitar ?
i.e. its also what drives the 13 pin connector to my Gr-55


Hi Charles!

As I showed in a video a while ago, you CAN absolutely use your HexPU. MIDI Guitar 2, Hexaphonic pickups and BOSS GP-10, is this the best setup ever? It also brings with it a great benefit in that it is possible to use the 6 channel alternative via the GP-10 for instance. But as far as pure audio goes, if you have a set of decent hum-free ordinary pickups on your Godin, I would probably use those instead. I haven’t experienced any particular superior properties with the Hex over my standard humbuckers. But it doesn’t hurt to try for yourself. If you get around to making a comparison, please drop a line as to what the result is. It is always interesting to hear about what works for different people.