[Solved] 44.1 khz Only Option. Any way around this?

I’m aware this is a severe limitation for some studios and of course we will make any sample rate run as soon as we can. But I just wanted to add a note:

The background for this limitation is subtile: When samples come at different rates, we need to re-train our ML models for that. We cant just resample it because that will always add a bit of latency. It’s not a problem, and the end result will be very similar (but not completely identical) tracking. So, ideally, to manage my time effectively, we would add support for all samplerates when the tracking is frozen, right before the official launch of MG3. But I may give in for pressure and do it now, it’s just not optimal in terms of development time.

For the above reason I suggest to use this BETA on a hobbyist basis, on some laptop. I’s not yet the time to run a full studio on this.