Standalone generates no signal while VST plug-in works fine

I have tried an Omec Teleport and Bheringer as input. Both load fine: I can see them in as input and output in the ‘Interface’ section. But I am getting no signal in, or out, in the standalone version (I can’t see midi notes being generated or hear anything).

Midi Guitar works fine as a plug-in in Logic.

I installed the latest 2.2.1 Catalina version of Midi Guitar. Running on OSX Catalina.

Most likely reason:
You need to give microphone access to our app, that is new since Mojave. For apple, any audiointerface also is a microphone.

When first started macos asks whether or app should get microphone access.
Afterward you can set the access with apple’s system preferences/security & privacy/ tab: privacy

Choose “Microphone” from left column, make sure our app is checked in right column.

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Thank you, that solved it.

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