Still can't get ANY sound [SOLVED]

I am able to see notes ‘sounding’ on the virtual keyboard, but unable to get any sounds(Demo version). Signal in from Behringer UMC HD, output through the UMC HD or computer output -neither seems to work. Latency comp in/out 32, ASIO buffer 256. Running win10;
any help would be appreciated.

latency compensation sounds like something you should not engage: set both ASIO and MG’s buffer to 256.
So the guitar creates midinotes but you dont hear the output? is the output mixer in MG showing signal?

I should not have turned MG off last night, because today I can’t even get the visual keyboard cues that I was seeing yesterday.
How do I set MG’s buffer?
and no, when I was getting the visual indications at the keyboard, I saw no output indication.
“Standalone” does mean just interface, guitar and program, Correct?

Sounds like some compatibility issue with your interface.
Please try this version:

YEAH! Finally got it working! I have no idea what ended up being the problem, or how “I” (?) corrected it. Thank you Paul and JamO for your patience; perhaps I can retire some of my thirty+ year old equipment that has been getting a little squirrelly.

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