Sub-Category for music done with MIDI Guitar?

Happy new year to everyone!

How about having a sub-forum / category with musik by members done with the MIDI Guitar?
I love this plugin and also I’m aware that it can be trouble depending on the OS and DAW using it to the full.
So I know that this here is more technically driven - but… wouldn’t that be a worthwhile idea too?

Just a thought…


Happy New Year to all. I agree with you about this idea. A while back I posted a similar suggestion, asking if any users of the programs would be interested in meeting up to work in collaboration of ideas and music production using the software. I did not get any replies. Perhaps there are not many users in my area of the country, or maybe people just want to experiment on their own. I would love to hear and see videos of other peoples creations, just to see what is possible. i love the programs, but seem to spend most of my time just trying out sounds, rather than recording things.

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Thanks guys!

Here are two pieces (hopefully ok to put it in this thread, if not feel free to delete it):

-> here the Alter Ego - voice is played by Midi Guitar (so more in the experimental side)

and here the piano was played by MG, the strings also