Is there a simple way to quickly switch between, say, an organ sound and guitar sound on the fly?

Simplest way to switch on the fly is by using a midi foot controller. Set up your organ sound on first preset ( number it like 001) then set up your next preferred sound as preset 002 etc.
Another way to quickly switch between guitar and synth sounds without a controller is to move the mix knob on mg2 between guitar mode (all blue) and synth mode (all orange). I hope this helps.

I use an FCB 1010 foot controller which has 10 banks of 10 presets and 2 variable expression pedals but the programming has a bit of a steep learning curve and I wouldn’t do MG 2 without it now .

Regards Max

Thank you. Would that require a midi interface? Or does it use USB?

FCB 1010 have no usb interface but midi in/out connectors.

But there are many usb devices such as:

  • usb midi controllers
  • midi to usb interfaces
  • classic pedals/footswitches usb interfaces.