Synths work on "guitar" side

I’m surprised and confused why I can load synths (vst, vst3, auv3) in the GUITAR side of MG2. Not complaining just wonder how/why it works. Noisegate works but other controls do not, it’s limited but using 2 synths in MG2 is possible.

In the past, we’ve discussed how Deep Expressor works using a combined analog and midi signal, but I’m only selecting a synth, nothing else, and it works.

As I said, I’m confused and would love an explanation of why this works. Thanks!

If I understand you correctly, you are confused that you can load a synth in the blue channel, in addition to the red channel?

The blue channel will only show VST/AU audio effects (not VST/AU instruments) - and that excludes most synths. Which synth do you see there?

Nope, I’m loading and playing synths, see screenshots.

One thing I’ve noticed, not all synths are available to be loaded on the Blue side. It seems that synths that have FX vst, vst3, auv3 ARE available to load, then instruments CAN be selected and will load and play.

Just curious about why/how this is working.

So… that’s it? No reply, no explanation? OK then, so be it. Was just curious, I guess Paul was too busy.

Well, each VST/AU has some metadata about what kind of thing it is. And those synths in question disguise themselves also as FXs. I guess they do that in order to be maximally visible around DAWs and hosts.

I’m not that interested in WHY the synths appear, I’m interested in knowing why a “direct” guitar tone is triggering a synth. What’s happening between the dry guitar input and the first slot on the blue side. When/how is this dry signal being turned to midi?

MG convert its input to MIDi and then it process both audio and MIDI in those plug-in slots.
The reason MIDI is going into the blue channel along audio is that some FX (I.e. deep expressor) can make use of it to do interesting things.

Do you mean that when playing your guitar:

  • the notes are actually converted into midi notes that you can see pressed on the synthmaster virtual keyboard?
  • or does it trigs the envelopes and modulates the filters like an instrument or expression pedal connected to a synth CV/gate?

The first one is what’s happening to me:

Reaktor, is not actually a synth: starting from scratch, it is up to you whether you want an effect, a synth, a sampler…So it can bee seen partly as a fx and/or a synth.
Synthmaster processing architecture works for certain in the same way, allowing to be recognised as audio fx through TriplePlay integration.

Out of curiosity, have you come across any other examples of such plugins?