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TEC Breath control and Alchemy

I use logic Pro X I’m intrigued by the possibilities of using Alchemy with the breath controller. Does anybody have any experience with this? I have a TEC breath controller that I use with M2G and love using it with SWAM Virtual instruments and would like to expand into alchemy… Any thoughts?

Hi Henk!

Alchemy is both simple and complex at the same time , so I suggest to just start experimenting. I’ll give you some place to start. Here I just opened Alchemy, Expanded the bottom layer with the MIDI mode, Pitch range and the Ctrl’s A-D. I have choosen “Simple view” here for overview instead of overload.
Thirt I rightclicked the Vol button i the upper Right corner, and chose accrding to the picture. And voila, you can control volume with Ctrl A (Breath).

Once you feel you want to go further, go into the Advanced view, find the Show targets button and the Modulation box, and go wild. You can do a lot of stuff here.

Thanks this is so helpful. And sort of easy to do except for Alchemy in such a deep tool. I look forward to exploring this. Thanks again for your help.

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