Tools don’t show up in IOS - iPad or iPhone

… and other problems:

  • intermittent control freezing - keep pressing selections and nothing
  • before I purchased the Au3 host support I couldn’t get out of the time limited host demo mode and go to the - already purchased - virtual midi app support. I’m not sure that I can even do that now - does it default to hosting?
  • my presets (no external midi required) are screwed up. I have had this app for at least two years, maybe more, and I have had a no problems with any updates until now.

that doesnt sound good ofcourse, we’ll look into it.
What is your exact device?
Have you got other apps running at the same time? if yes: which ones?

the host demo is only active when you have an AU loaded, it shouldn’t interfere when you havent loaded an AU.

iOS 12.2 on iPhone 6 and 5th generation iPad.
Starting MG both without other apps and with apps started.
GarageBand, Cubasis, and Audiobus 3 don’t show MG in their list of AU apps.

I’m going to uninstall MG and reinstall - see if that does something.

Don’t delete it if you have some presets that you use.

My best guess is that its related to the plugin scanning. Do you have lots of AudioUnits installed?

Please try to update to version 2.6.6 which was just released now on App Store (it might take an hour or so before propagating out to all countries).