Using a cc# to control MG2 mix knob, while using a breath controller

is there a way to control the mix knob via midi while using the breath controller attached. or just limited to the one controller? or maybe there’s another workaround?

Hi @tsu
Welcome here, to begin with! :handshake:
You can absolutely control the MIX knob in the MG2 interface, while having the breath controller attached. Click INTERFACE (top left) and use the LEARN button. Once clicked all “greyed” buttons are assignable. And given that you want to use you breath controller, just click the keyed MIX button and breath (or bite, nod or tilt) depending on what breath controller device you re using and what gesture you are interested in assigning to the MIX control.
If you on the other hand have another controller you want to use for this (simultaneously) I would go with something like the CME WIDI Uhost, and connect both of your controllers via a Bluetooth Master (like a hub). Then you can choose the Uhost from the CONTROL slot list, and have a few different controllers to work with at the same time!

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