Using pre-recorded audio files in Logic

Hello all,
I’d like to take an audio file of an already recorded guitar part and patch it thru Guitar Midi 2.
Is it possible to do this and if so, how?
Much thanks in advance

  1. make sure “Process Buffer Range” is set to “small” in Logic audio preferences, as well as “I/O buffersize” to 256 (or smaller if you have a beast of a mac)
    Multithreading should be set to “playback”, this is not for this situation, but will void multitrheading for the live guitar input.
    Multithreading causes Logic to use multiples of I/O buffersize for fx and instruments. Setting Process Buffer Range to “small” will keep the resulting buffersize low enough for MG.

  2. Now you can load the MG plugin on an existing audiotrack, and it will convert the existing audio into live midi, which you can record onto another instrument track.