VST compatability

+I downloaded the demo and the tracking seems very very good! I would very much like to support your efforts. But I have a couple of questions, since there is no VST support included in the demo version:

  1. Is the program compatible with the latest 64-bit version of Cantabile?

  2. Is the program compatible with the latest version of Reaper?

  3. When using the standalone can you specify multiple paths to scan for VSTs after installation?

  4. When using the standalone with third-party VSTs do you have access to all editing features normally associated with the VSTs?

  5. Are there any known compatibility issues with certain VSTs?

  6. Are there any memory limitations with either the standalone or VST versions?

I’m running 64 bit VSTs almost exclusively.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

  1. I dont know, if they support mdii routing it should work (havent got a windows machine to test that)
  2. MG has allways been compatible with Reaper, which has extensive midi routing.
  3. yes, you can add folders to scan.
  4. if you mean “automation controls”: no. If you mean having the VST’s own editor: yes.
    You can see that in the trial.
  5. which do not work and I know of: some AmpleSound guitar libs (some do work however)
    Running MG as plugin in your daw/livehost will work with any synth that is loadable in that host.
  6. The term “memory limitations” sounds very 90’s. MG can use whatever resources are available on your computer.