Where is the 32 bit standalone version?

If I want to use the external 32bit plugins in Ableton, I have to scan them first in the 32bit standalone version, which is nowhere to be found. I have only one standalone version and when I scan the plugins in the standalone version they are not recognized in the 32 bit vst’s. Please help!


unsure what your plan is.
If you want to use MG in Ableton, you don’t need to scan anything in our standalone: you can load all synths in Live on another track.
Look at the vid how it is done here: https://www.jamorigin.com/docs/daw/#toggle-id-1

Ableton Live can only load plugins iwth the same bitdepht as the app itself. Our plugin can not be used as a bridge to load 32 bit plugins into a 64 bit host.