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WIDI on Line 6 Catalyst (or anything else with only a MIDI IN jack)

I’ve been looking in to whether I can get a WIDI dongle to work with my Line 6 Catalyst, but from what I can tell most dongles get their power from a MIDI Out jack, so the jack that is plugged in to the MIDI In port will be connected with a wire to the MIDI Out jack, which is what powers the MIDI In Jack.

The trouble with the Catalyst is that it only has a MIDI In port, so there is no MIDI Out to supply power.

Does anyone know of a WIDI device that is rechargeable? I don’ want something that needs mains power as I want to keep the rig as streamlined as possible (it is only for home use)

Thanks folks

Hi @littlespaceman
Have you considered the CME WIDI Uhost with a power bank? It is not as slick as a rechargeable unit, but almost. I use a couple of those myself, and they work perfectly in my little home studio environment.

Ah, yes, that did occur to me, but it seemed a bit ‘clunky’ (more wires and gadgets) so I was hoping there is a WIDI unit out there that is rechargeable?

Am I right in thinking that if the device (in the case a Line 6 Catalyst) only has MIDI In, the dongle can’t be supplied with power from the device (amp) itself? It seems to be the case that power comes from MIDI Out sockets…

Yes, it is my understanding that the WIDI Master (which is what I have for my EWI) gets its power from the MIDI out only. I haven’t seen any chargeable units on the market yet, but I am pretty sure we’ll see some soon though if you care to wait for those!

There’s a gap in the market :o)

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