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12 tone Harmoniser - Relative note midi machine option

Hi, is there someway to create a feature in harmony midi machine that allows you to customize notes that are relative in which you are hitting. for example, this feature is used on the miGic Evo vst. however, that vst is no where near as good as this one :slight_smile:

ok, I can make that script for you, I propose:
-1 knob chooses a keycenter
-12 knobs choose an offset for each note. (going from keycenter to keycenter + 11)
-1 knob mix between original and offset notes. (if you need this)
Would that be what you’re looking for?

so sorry for late response but that is exactly what im looking for

ok, I’ll make a script for you

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Here is the script.
Channel 1 has normal pitch, Channel 2 the shifted pitch.
Key: choose which note is the 1
Balance: to the right for pure shifted, to the left for pure normal
Shift_1 … Shift_12: relative shift for each note
Beware: there is no orphan note protection now. Dont play notes while adjusting the shift, or notes will hang.

12toneShift.lua (1.9 KB)

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thank you! so much!! you’re awesome!!

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