2 instances of midi gtr

Can I run 2 instances of midi Gtr at the same time one for bass and the other for synth sounds?

Talking For Windows : some users play with an hex pickup and 6 instances.
The only condition is to have an audio interface with an asio multiclient driver.
A single instance also provides separate outputs for audio and MIDI. This is the simplest and most optimized method.

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That is correct what @Herold wrote. The other option is to run as many instances your system can handle in some host application (DAW or live performance program).

before moving onto multiples, you could split the note range into a bass part and a synth part, using a single instance of mg. your synth preset would also need to be split.

multiple instances will require some kind of daw or performance environment which allows you to route audio and midi signals.

but multiple instances alone won’t get you there, because each instance will use the same source. you also need a way to separate the string output.

it appears that mg3 has string detection. this would allow what you want, one instrument on the lower strings, and another on the higher ones.

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