2012 Macbook Air?

Hi there!

After trying out the demo for a while, I just bought MG2 last week, I really love it. I’ve been using the VST with Logic, and when using the stock synths like retrosynth, hardly had any trouble with cpu overload, crackling etc. Even at a 64 buffer size.

The thing is, I also subscribed to the Roland cloud to get my hands on a Juno 106 vst. It’s sounds great with just a MIDI keyboard, but as soon as I turn on the MG2 plugin, I get the worst cpu overload ever and Logic goes beserk. I also encounter lots of crackling/hiccups with the Alchemy synth from Logic, regardless of any buffer size.

Would I be better off buying a better laptop? I’m now running a 2012 Macbook Air i5 @ 1,8Ghz. Or are there some secret cpu management tricks for iOS that I’m missing out of? Thanks in advance for your input!

with a Logic buffersetting of 256 you should be able to run a synth on another track with max 6 voices, even with your 2012 machine, unless those synths are incredibly heavy.
How do Logics buildin synths perform?