6 MG2 VST instances feeded by GK3 hex pickup to have each single string tracked separately. Good idea?

First of all congratulation on Midi Guitar 2, I’ve tried the demo and I’m really impressed!

MG2 does a really good job but still struggle sometimes with complex chords (I’m not playing clean enough maybe?).
I own a Roland GP-10 as well, and I’m not very satisfied with it’s tracking abilities.

So Here’s what I’d like to try: use the Roland Hex Pickup + GP10 to feed each individual 6 strings audio to 6 VST instances (aka 6 tracks) of Midi Guitar 2 in my DAW.

Has anyone tried that?

The demo version doesn’t include any vst apparently so I can’t test it at the moment, and I am a bit shy to commit to the full version since I’m not sure my computer will handle the 6 simultaeous instances. Do you have a VST demo available to further investigate this setup?

Thank you for your time and hard work!

I’ve tried it and it works but I can’t say it’s a quantum improvement. There’s a thread or two about this floating around on the vguitarforum.

You’re still limited by range in MG2 if you want to do any serious alt. tunings and it’s kind of a pain to set up.

it is a bit of an overkill: though you can get some performance boost from our app.
When MG is put in monomode it will allways convert down to drop C and ofcourse be a bit faster.
You need a comfortable host for such a thing: e.g. Gigperformer. it has free wiring, so you can just sum the midi outputs into a synth.
But then it gets a bit more complicated: if you want to have mulitbends, you need to load “channel select” in each MG instance, and assign each string to a different channel.
then you need to have a synth with at least 6 layers assigned to those differnet midi channels, so that the bend messages work independently for each string.
Some synths have MPE, some have a simpler form of that which is sort of compatible.
Alternatively you can just load a synth instance for each MG instance, which is a terror to setup but really flexible, ok.

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