8 string guitar setup and length of guitar 2 midi and bass midi deal

I have a 8 string Ibanez rg8. Is there an easy way to setup in fl studio the 6 strings for the guitar plugin, and the 2 lower strings as bass and play those both simultaneously? Because as of now in standard tuning it only picks up the 6 strings but not the other 2.

Also how long is this bundle of Guitar 2 Midi + Bass Midi for 99$ going to last, i get paid the 1st of may and dont want to miss out on this deal.

Also how long do you guys plan to support and update these plugins, and will future features be included free?

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All things running MIDI Guitar & MIDI Bass parallel are experimental, unless you have a separate pickup for the lower strings ( stick players use MG and MB more often that way)

That bundle deal is not likely to change any time soon.

Updates for V2 are under this license, after that updates will be priced friendly enough.

I have the same problem. Do you plan to add support for 8 and 7th string? Is there anyway to work around this?

I believe the problems with some 8 string instruments resides in the wiring of the pickups (stereo v. shared, v. single). I use MG2 and MB with an 8 String Chapman NS Stick (NS = Ned Steinberger), and receive response from all 8 strings when the pickups are in combined (shared) but, when changing the pickup mode to single I actually lose the bottom 4 strings. Now, this is not at all a negative, in that I have more tonal/voice choices. At times (as mentioned by Paul) I run the MG2 + MB to provide the dual instrument effect of having Bass and Guitar (G10B + Line6 HD500X + AG3000 +MG2/MB) combinations. So, to the point I have devised methods to control which tones/voices are applied to groups of strings or, All! Finally, the reason I must use MB is due to the tonal length, and magnetic wave transferal (pickups). The heavier the string, the shorter the wave but, since MB is designed for Bass strings it does indeed handshake with the very lowest notes available on the 8 String NS Stick (B1).