8 String Guitar tuning

Been using MIDI guitar 2 and bass for a month or so, loving it. This is the best sh*t I’ve bought in years.

One question regarding tuning, I really want to use my 8 string but it’s problematic as the lowest two strings don’t get picked up. I’m wondering why it really cares what the pitch of the strings are at all, I know it can go that low because it does for bass…

I tried the range MIDI machine but I must be missing something because it still won’t recognise anything lower than E36. Can someone point me in the right direction?

I’m not an expert but my understanding is that the accuracy of the pitch detection relies partly on the number of vibration cycles of the strings. The software needs a minimum number of vibration cycles to accurately detect the notes and the lower the notes the longer this process takes, which introduces latency which affects the musician’s performance. There is a trade-off between detection latency for feel and detection accuracy for precision.

There must be ways to optimize this phenomenon depending on the range of the instrument, which is why there is a Bass and Guitar version to begin with. Each is optimized for the intended range of instrument. Limiting the range of the software improves the quality of the result within that range.

Yes, Chris_o is right. And that’s the reason toom, why MIDIBass is monophone, I think.

But i can run both plugins at once, effectively giving me 10+ strings and it works fine…. If you were right, I say nuts to sacrificing more the ability for more strings/tunings for the sake of being able to play a chord using all 6 strings, surely no one is doing this with MIDI Guitar 2, it’s good but not that good, I find I have to keep chords to 3 or maybe 4 strings max for it to cope and result in anything sensible

Yeah, I have a seven string guitar and have mild frustration that my lowest notes aren’t picked up. Of course latency issues creep in as frequency diminishes. But all the same, I can’t believe that there is anything magical about low E such that any note below is hopelessly unusable. I just wish that the note registration algorithm could degrade gracefully on a best efforts basis, or at least a switch or setting to allow the user the choice for it to do so.

I play 7 string and my low notes work fine using a software midi instrument vst that uses the same range.

Some Cello vst works fine too,

I like playing a software Tenor Sax midi vst, a real Tenor Sax has a range of A♭2 to E5. So, you can play the whole range of the Tenor Sax at the 9th fret position across the neck, Ab2 to E5 on a seven string guitar in one position.