A DIY Synthaxe Guide - MIDI Guitar 2, a place to start?

A continuation of the MIDI Guitar project I’ve been working on. Refined 6 channel handling (with hexPU) and breath control placement. Informed and Inspired by the Synthaxe controller.


Fantastic !! Keep on pushing the limits, it is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing ! Cheers

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Thanks a million @Bonanote :pray::pray::pray: Much appreciated!

I am always in awe to see you move forward on the experimental pathways and to hear the results of the experiments.
One more good job!

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Thank you @Herold! I kind of view this striving forward as a highly collaborative effort, and I am picking up bits and pieces of inspiriation here and there. In that sense we are all part of what comes out of it. So thank YOU too. :pray::pray::pray: