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A fresh look at MIDI Guitar 2 and virtual nylon string guitars - No longer a sad story?

Introducing two nylon-string guitar instrument/libraries that work surprisingly well with MIDI Guitar 2. MG Soft Nylon and Musesamples Authentic Guitar 4: Evocacion


Too bad the Evocacion guitar plugin is not available yet at least that’s what I read on Multisamples web site. They say: Expected release : we strive for End 2nd quarter 2022.

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Yeah, that’s strange. I guess I got an offer to purchase mine early since it was an upgrade to a product I had bought already? But what is more strange is that it says it will be coming as a Kontakt instrument still. Mine is in a Decent sampler format, and I think it works fine. I think it WAS a Kontakt instrument though :thinking: