A handful of MG2 based demo

The following group of links use MG2 as the tool to convert string vibration into reliable midi data and then sent to Magic Music Visuals which responds to the incoming midi stream. Midi Translator Pro is always in the pipeline as well. Although what is being displayed is in the form of recorded video clips, the real power is that MG2, Magic Music Visuals and Bome Midi Translator Pro can all work together in a live performance environment. Your only limitation is the horse power of the computer running the show so to speak. Both MG2 and MTP use a fraction of CPU processing power if MG2 is only used for midi conversion only. Magic will behave as long as you’re careful with the graphic load on the GPU. Although I was never able to try it, a polycarbonate projection screen placed behind the performers could provide visual stimulation to enhanced the audience experience. NOTE - the clips are all around the one minute mark or so. The actions are midi driven starting with MG2’s conversion.

Simulated guitar neck with 3d note position indicators


Simulated guitar neck with 2d note position indicators and 3d note names with octave indicator

Ironman and the flag with a synthie Hammond in the background

An example of a gut (nylon) string guitar and MG2 using 3d note name, model, velocity display

Visual verification that the note and octave display are accurate using a midi keyboard for input

Why I think a guitar (or any stringed instrument) is so confusing compared to a piano


Life before MG2 using Magic’s tone to note processing logic with waveform display

I’m comparing my guitar input to a tone generated note. I don’t know how they (MG2 brainchild) do it but you can certainly see the complexities they’re up against.

Life before MG2 using Magic. Guitar note display with drum hit object display

General interest midi drum stuff using Magic multi-cam simulation - drum models are very basic

General interest midi drum stuff using Magic multi-cam simulation - drum models are very basic


Really interesting work! I imagine that you enjoy this software greatly…
That makes me remind of the time when I triggered Arkaos with a midi keyboard and a BCR2000 in live performance, long before MG unfortunately :wink:

Thank you for sharing :grinning:

Hi Herold,
Yes MG2 does a great job for the midi conversion and sound as well. I was tempted to get a dedicated midi equipped rig but luckily I found MG2.