A MIDI Guitar 2.2.1 (Michael Brecker style) Chord Rotator setup

There are a few signature sounds or setups that are a little more interesting than just matching the right chorus or reverb effect. I consider Allan Holdsworth’s SynthAxe sound, Pat Metheny’s GR-300, and Michael Brecker’s EWI ( and the Chord Rotator stuff in particular) as some of the more inspiring ones. When I present the MIDI Guitar 2 chord rotator setup here, I am by no means claiming to have replicated or reconstructed the Michael Brecker sound or setup itself. This is merely showcasing what we can get out of using primarily two sources of software and patches (Johan Looijenga’s MIDI Harmonizer and Łukasz Knapik’s ”The Art Of Wind Synth” resource for wind/breath controller presets for some of our bigger synths and software, together with the standard MIDI Guitar setup.


Hey man, I’d love to hire you as a consultant to help get more out of what I am trying to do with the MIDI Gtr. I really dig this and I am also very inspired by all the cats you mentioned. I watched Mike Brecker play his EWI many times and always was left scratching my head.

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Fun stuff, LoF. So many possibilities…

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