A MIDI Guitar 2 Orchestral setup & NEW Universal Orchestral Voicings

Another piece of standalone software to put in between your MIDI Guitar and your DAW: Divisimate. A powerful tool that gives you the opportunity to split single lines, intervals, and chords into different sections and parts of any orchestra of your liking. You decide how the splitting of the notes should control and trigger whatever you have set up as your desired orchestra (be it with synths, or single instruments, or whatever you have at your disposal. The guys at Divisimate also offer a few practical templates to help you set up. It is quite intuitive, but it does take some time to set up your orchestra, filling the seats of those templates. But once that is done you have the most flexible expressive playable orchestral setup I’ve ever come across at your fingertips. And where I use the iPad app to switch between performance patches or scenes, you can also use a MIDI CC31 value to trigger particular scenes (and some functions) from a foot controller.


Just in!


Really nice one! I love particularly the music at the end of the video (video that ony works in YT, not here).
Once again good job :smiley:

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Many thanks!
The music in these test are really spur-of-the-moment stuff, so I am really happy to hear when it doesn’t sound directly off-putting! :relaxed: It is usually mostly a framework or a setting to present the instruments or software in, but they are on the other hand what I enjoy playing, so again, thanks for the positive feedback. It really does make a difference! :pray::pray::pray:

broken video link ?

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The links work correctly here in local mode and on YT.

Apparently a temporary problem on the servers.

I just updated the link (I also had that issue).