Ableton disabling automation lines for MG2 parameters


MG2’s automation is currentlya not really usefull and it is not working properly in several DAW’s.
Please note that automation is not the same as normal VST parameters. If you have a session with a MG instance with speicific settings, these settings are saved within the DAW project. So you don’t need automation for that.
if you set bendrange to 12 within the MG VST and save the Live project, the MG setting will be restored the next time you load the project

So is there another way to have different settings for MG2 in the same track like with multi-timbral plugins? For example when I play chords I want to have bends disabled, when I play lead I want them enabled, and if I’m playing 32nd note runs with tapping I want them disabled again and have the noise gate lowered. I have a setup with Omnisphere in Ableton with patches changing automatically depending on which bar I’m on, looking to get the same effect with MG2.

Please see the reply to your other post

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