Ableton Live 11 - Instrument Channel Not Receiving MG2 MIDI signals

Earlier today, I added this to another person’s post but then thought it might not be seen there, so I am opening a new topic.

The other person’s post was titled “MG2 in Ableton Lite audio fine but no midi.”

This is my first time on the forum so, if this is not the proper way to bring this issue up, please enlighten me.

I am running Ableton Live 11. I have downloaded the demo version of Midi Guitar 2 and worked through the “How To” video multiple times.

The GUITAR CHANNEL seems set up fine.
Audio From: Ext. In and 1 (the audio interface channel I am using).
Monitor: In
Audio To: Master
The channel is active and armed for recording.
I have the MIDIGuitar2 plugin connected to the channel and its meter responds to the guitar.

The MIDI INSTRUMENT CHANNEL also seems set up correctly:
MIDI From: All Ins, All Channels
Monitor: In
Audio To: Master
I have a midi instrument from the Ableton instrument rack connected to the channel.
The channel is active and armed for recording.

I have been through these steps multiple times with different midi instruments and feel like I am configuring the channels according to the instructions on the video… but who knows?

The midi instrument generates output fine when I use my E-MU keyboard, but does not recognize signals from the guitar channel using MIDI Guitar 2.

As suggested in the other post I referred to at the top of this post, I verified that the “Exclusive” setting in “Record Warp Launch” of preferences is disabled.

So… I must be missing something that ties the output of the MG2 channel to the input of the midi instrument.

I read all the related topics and none of them have the specific issues I am experiencing.

Hi Kim!
Your posts are seen either way (just so you know)! :grinning: I don’t see in your description if you have double-checked the MIDI in Ports in the preference pane? There should be a MIDI Guitar port box checked there as well:

Interesting… I do not see MIDI Guitar listed in my preferences even though it is available as a plugin.

Here is my preferences window:

Ok, so I’ll give you a side by side (before and after loading the MG2 plugin on the AUDIO track here) First picture is my startup view in Abelton. Falcon loaded on the first MIDItrack, then there is an empty MIDI track. Then I have AUDIO IN 1 & 2 on the next two tracks. My guitar is connected to AUDIO IN 1, so that is where I place my MIDI Guitar plugin. As of now there is no MIDI Guitar in the prefs pane.

Once I drop the MG2 plugin on the Audio track it creates a MIDI Guitar #(x) out MIDI port for MIDI In in Abelton. If you do this with your prefs window open you should see it as it pops up!

Would you mind check what result you get doing the exact same thing?

Oh…are you on Windows?
MG2 in Ableton Lite audio fine but no midi - #8 by Vaultnaemsae

My setup is in the the state you described, but there is no MIDIGuitar2 entry in preferences:

Yes… I am running Windows 10.

Yeah, then we best check with @Vaultnaemsae perhaps? I am a Mac guy, and there seems to be at least a little difference!

Thanks. I appreciate the help you’ve provided. I am sure it is something simple.

I am sure it is! It isn’t like the combo Windows/Abelton/MIDI Guitar2 is something unheard of. :grinning:

Excellent! Thank you!

There was a “MIDI From” option for channel 2 I had not noticed.

If you know the people who produced the “How to Set Up Jam Origin Midi Guitar 2 in Ableton Live - YouTube” video it would be a good thing to tell them about this step. They show “MIDI From” as “All Ins” and “All Channels.” I think it would save new users a lot of time and head scratching.

I appreciate all of your help. You have a great forum here.

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How about leaving a comment to the video with a link to this thread?

Thanks. I went to do that and noticed there was a comment on their channel.

One of the pitfalls of being new to a process is wandering about aimlessly for a while. I assumed the video was associated with JamOrigin.

Live and learn (hopefully).

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