Ableton Live 9 Compatibility? [SOLVED]

I didn’t see any references or topics about MidiGuitar 2 compatibility with Ableton Live software. So I’d like to know if this software worked in conjunction with Ableton Live 9 at all and can load the VSTs to Ableton on my Dell laptop. I’m using MusicLab & Amplitube 3 software also.
Thanks for any and all input.

for Ableton Live see

No, I know how to do all that. I just wanted to know if it was user-friendly with Ableton before I purchased Midi Guitar 2, that’s all. I didn’t see any references,
so, it probably won’t be an issue since VSTs are VSTs, right?
Thanks for getting back to me, Paul

well… VST’s are VST’s allright, but our VST has midi output, and if you follow the steps from the vid, you will see how to set it up.

I have used MG2 in the past on WIN10/Ableton Live 9 without any issues at all. I can’t imagine why you’d have any problems.

I use two Alesis Q88 controller midi keyboards for live performances. One goes direct USB into my Dell laptop using Musiclab & Amplitube in Ableton. The other one goes midi cable (5-pin) into an Alesis QSR synthesizer module. Both go audio out to my Mackie 1604VLZ mixer. Both have incredible real instrument sounds, undetectable that they are synths and not the real instrument, especially the RealLPC (Les Paul Classic electric) and RealGuitar (Acoustic) guitars. No layman and many pros can’t tell the difference (audio wise) between my rig and a real guitar set up.
I just hope I’m not disappointed with Jam Original Midi Guitar 2 through my Behringer U-Phoria UMC-404HD audio interface to my laptop.
Guess I should download the trial first to make sure, huh?

I am uncertain what you expect: MIDI Guitar is for guitarists that want to play synths… your story seems the exact opposite: you use keyboards to play guitars.

Not exactly. I want to do both. It’s the best ‘eye-candy’ in performance when you’re promo-ing yourself as a live artist (clubs et al events). I was an original bassplayer who learned guitar. I had to go to keyboards with guitar samples software since diabetes advanced by osteoporosis, especially in my hands. It has since gotten better through keeping my blood-sugar down and through herbal treatments, so I want to return to guitar also. It’s so much better showing versatility on instruments. Understand? I am a single-act performer and will probably stay that way until I “Die Behind The Wheel”. ;>)

Can I assume then, that Win 7 will work as well?

yes… you should be able to find out with the trial whether it works for you. Triggering guitar sounds with guitar can feel very unnatural.

Why would that be? My controller keyboard triggers guitar samples in Musiclab & Amplitube 3 like it’s an actual guitar with pitch bend, wah-wah and harmonic squeals! Doesn’t make sense not to be ‘natural’ (?)

MIDI Guitar 2 is amazing software. I love it - so don’t get me wrong here. I use it live for some things and it’s really great…but certainly not perfect. YMMV, but you will likely not experience the same ‘feeling of immediacy’ as playing a keyboard controller. And that manifests particularly with acoustic
/electric guitar VSTs. I purchased some much ballyhooed Orange Tree sample libraries to mess around with and simply can’t get a sound that works for me. Having said that I would’ve paid double for MG2 as it solves certain problems for me as a guitarist. Best to follow Paul’s advice and test out the trial version if you’re unsure. It’s absolutely wild for playing lines. I prefer it to the Fishman TriplePlay for maybe 90% of musical applications.