Ableton Live clip - no sound

Ableton Live 10 here.
On track 1 I place Midi Guitar plugin then on track 2 Zebra Synth.
I can play Zebra Synth with this setup via MG2. However, when I record the plain guitar in track 1, when I start the recorded clip (and set track to auto so that it should play) I get no sound…

I thought that MG2 would have done its magic with a Guitar live or with a Clip.
Any thoughts?


i always record directly on the midi track where my synth sits… and if you want to hear your guitar, record on both and then just move the audio clip to a new audio track i suppose?

Thanks for reply.
This was for post production stuff. I have some guitar lines (recorded prior to MG2) that would like to transform to MIDI lines via MG2.