Ableton MPE vs MG3 MPE what is 'Slide'?

I am testing Ableton Live 12 and MG3 (However the same is valid for Ableton Live 11).
First of all MG3 MPE capabilities sends guitar in to a new exciting musical space : Thank you! However on the MPE Subject I need some guidance to map the concepts:

In MG3 we have Strike, Pressure, CC74 (Brightness) ‘Glide’ (Pitch) and ‘Wobble’ (this can be selected differently)
I have mentally mapped strike to Velocity. However Ableton has a preset named MPE slide Orchestra or something and uses the concept of ‘Slide’, ‘Pressure’, ‘Pitch Bend’. What is Slide in MG3? I have read the thread on Pressure & Brightness ending in Aftertouch in next release - good option but I still don’t get what slide is on the Guitar Side.


CC74 (Brightness) in MG3 is what is used for SLIDE in those instruments that use that name. (ROLI 's Equator, FXpansion’s Cypher, Strobe, and also obviously some Abelton instruments, and many others).

But SLIDE in itself can be very confusing to use as the only label for this MPE dimension, for guitar players for obvious reasons. It is a good thing if we learn to associate this with both what its origin is - the characteristic we are using in the analysis of the incoming guitar signal - which is brightness, and the historical connection, the CC number used from the old MIDI 1.0 protocol.

So we are sending the guitar’s BRIGHTNESS polyphonically for each note, on CC74 to be received or interpreted as SLIDE (for instruments that use this terminology).

Does that make sense?

“Wobble” is not itself an MPE dimension, as is none of the other MODULATOR envelopes either. ADSR, WOBBLE, MUX, SINE, SAW, SQUARE and INVERT are all envelopes we use to affect or “Modulate” something with. Most interesting now perhaps are the MPE dimensions STRIKE, PRSSURE and BRIGtHTNESS.

We do this by using the handles in the STRIKE, PRSSURE and BRIGtHTNESS envelopes. Connecting say a SINE directly to PRESSURE in an intrument is effectively bypassing the polyphony aspect of the PRESS dimension.

I am, of course, going to do a video on this as well, but I can’t get everything out exactly at the same time.


Thank a lot LoFi!
Now it’s clear. MG3 is fantastic in that respect and I am testing a lot to get up to speed with new terminology and technology. You are a master at those and also when showing your playing guitar with MGx.

Do not worry, you are doing so much for all of us here. With extensive testing comes more info and in turn a better product. MG3 .40 is stable and working fine for me as standalone and plugin in Live 11 and 12. I feel it more playable than MG2 even without MPE enabled.

Thanks a lot