About the DAW guides (VST/AU) category

The full desktop version of MIDI Guitar comes with VST and AU plugin versions.
How to use these is dependent from the DAW used.
Quickstart vids and infos for getting MIDI Guitar working in your DAW are to be found in this category.

Hello! I’m new here.
I had Midi Guitar Free on Mac 10.6.8, now I have 11.1(Big Sur); so I got the trial version of Midi Guitar for Garageband from Apple, which looks working fine, and I’d like to purchase it but the purchasing option (43,99€) has this note: “Note that if you want to plug MIDI Guitar into a DAW, you’ll want the plugin at jamorigin.com”. So, what’s this about? How many versions, etc is there to pick? Isn’t it enough to purchase the latest app?
Thank you.